Develop an existing idea so that it becomes something new and you’ll be applauded for your creativity and genius. Unless you’re hit with a cease-and-desist letter first.

The images and sounds in Illegal Art, currently at New York’s 313 Gallery, broke copyright law and so media corporations and their lawyers dragged the artists responsible to the courtroom.

Not Mickey

Not a familiar cartoon character by Ashley Holt

Highlights include:

  • Brian Boyce’s State of the Union: George W Bush lights up the Teletubbies
  • Wally Wood’s Disneyland Memorial Orgy: Team pushups with Goofy and Minnie and the rest of the Disney gang
  • Ray Belder’s $ Mao: Warhol’s Chairman Mao portrait gets a money makeover
  • The JAMs’ The Queen and I MP3: Dancing Queen is bjorn again