Another day, another gee-whiz step forward in how I experience the net. I’ve just upgraded the web service which provides the recent bookmarks feed on iMakeContent’s left-hand column. Yeah, RSS is amazing. It promises to pull the pieces of our digital lives together. And it’s nearly there.

FeedDigest is a free and easy way to tie posts, or any other RSS feeds, to your blog.

The way I use it, FeedDigest takes my feed and drops it automatically into iMakeContent’s html. Allows me to keep the blog ticking over even when I don’t have time to post properly.

A revamp of RSS Digest, the new FeedDigest has a cleaner, sharper user interface. Better control over feeds – how they get ordered, how they look. It also claims to update faster. I hope so – my only gripe with RSS Digest, the way it sometimes slowed up, sometimes failed to update. A thing of the past, says its developer…

What’s most promising is FeedDigest’s ability to filter and mix rss feeds. I’ll be launching a couple of blogs in the next couple of months. Question is whether I should provide each blog with its own feed or just have one and let FeedDigest filter and mix feeds as required.