Virginia Tech @ The Social Web

The public spaces on the internet served as the most important arena for exchange of information on the events yesterday. Almost every news story cited a Facebook or Myspace page or a livejournal entry as a source. The Wikipedia entry and discussion on the event hashed out validity of sources and the semantics of tragedy. And then the jarring cell phone footage on Liveleak was among the realest indicators that this gruesome event had actually happened. The events as documented on the social web became the authority.

… These past two days have made it ever so much more apparent that our social lives on the web are intractable, crucial, and part of the news and the historical record.

Sign of the Times

Spot the change in the new logo at the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE ):


ASNE's old logo

And After

ASNE's new logo

Yep, “newspaper” is so 20th Century.

ASNE president Dave Zeeck thinks ASME may eventually drop “newspaper” altogether for something more up to date.
Strupp’s Notebook